Sunday, August 21, 2016

As I drove to visit my daughter and grandkids in west central Iowa, I decided to check out just how much of this pipeline was in place up to northwest Iowa. I was surprised to see how much is already been done and that even with the shutdown in North Dakota, crews were still at work in Iowa. One of the many substations I'm sure, near Boone Iowa, housed pipe, rails for crossings, equipment, welding stations and even temporary housing for the 6 week shift of employees running in and out. When I drove by on Saturday August 20th, 2016, welders could be seen welding pipe in the yard, equipment moving and unloading of 100's of pieces of timber cut for crossings, ditches, etc. There were also 50 to 100 personal vehicles parked in the highly posted 'no trespassing' area, which told me these people are out working or here waiting for Monday. As I made my way north & west I saw thousands of acres of crops cut along with any trees that were in the way. From central Iowa west of Ames Iowa to the Northwestern corner of State of Iowa, the whole area has been laid to waste. The Army Corp of engineers in the state of Iowa has okayed permits for over 60 water crossings.  The pics below show the trail of the snake as it makes it's way northwest to South & North Dakota. I stand with my indigenous brothers & sisters in the fact that we must weigh the risk of oil spills to our environment and the devastation it will cause to our water, plants,animals and more importantly the next generations. We have a replacements for oil but not for water. Mitakuye Oyasin

 Dakota Access Pipeline west of Ames Iowa near Boone Iowa. Saturday Aug. 20th

 DAPL near the Boone River, Pilot Mound, Iowa. Getting ready to cross the Boone River.
 The path for the DAPL across Iowa. Thousands of acres of fields have been cut already.

 Near Boone Iowa. Getting ready to undertoe a large rail crossing.
 Planks in place for driving off the road onto the field for construction.

North of Hwy 20 a mile. Near the Sac City, Rockwell City Iowa exits. 

Same area as above. 

 East and South of Fonda and Newell Iowa.
Don't be mistaken. This is still the DAPL but they called it Precision Pipeline. 

 South East of Fonda and Newell Iowa.

 South East of Fonda and Newell Iowa. Looking ahead near the trees on the ridge,they are getting ready for a deep water crossing

 Crews were working here--DAPL--Saturday, August 20th at 1:30 PM. This is the other side of the pic above with a river crossing in between.

This is the same area the next day. No work today, Sunday Aug. 21st. 

Area I photographed from Ames to North of Storm Lake Iowa. 

You can see between Storm Lake, Newell & Fonda Iowa, the many water ways that have to be crossed. The Army Corp of Engineers gave DAPL permission to cross over 60 bodies of water in the State of Iowa alone.