Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Red Bear Powwow, New Mexico.
MC: Otis Halfmoon
AD: Leonard Atcitty
Head Man Dancer: Jared Brown
Head Woman Dancer: Candace McCabe
Host Northern Drum: Calling Eagle
Head Gourd Dancer: James Edwards
Head Gourd Singer: Myron Garcia
Gourd Dance 11am
Grand Entry 1pm
Closing 7pm
Bring your own chairs and canopies. No arbor this year! PA system will be provided
$50 a booth + donation
Bring your own canopy.
10′ x 10′ maximum.
$75 for vendors who set up an additional canopy.
Please bring your own tables and chairs.
For vendor information: Elvera Gachupin – 505-225-5310
Jr. Categories Ages 8-13
Jr. Boy’s Traditional, Fancy & Grass
Jr. Girl’s Traditional, Fancy Shawl & Jingle
Teen & Adult Categories Ages 14-55
Teen & Adult Men’s – Grass & Chicken combined
Teen & Adult Men’s Fancy combined
Teen & Adult Women’s No. & So. Traditional combined
Teen & Adult Women’s Jingle combined
Teen & Adult Women’s Fancy Shawl combined
Golden Age 55+
Women’s combined
Men’s combined
Drum Contest
Northern & Southern Split