Wednesday, March 19, 2014

With research this picture was able to be identified as captured women & children of Apache leaders & warriors of Chihuahua, Geronimo, Perico, Bishche & Mangus photographed at Fort Bowie, Arizona Territory in April of 1886. The families were used by the U.S. Government & General Crook to lure the Chiricahua men to the peace councils to be held at Canyon de los Embudos. Within hours of sitting for their photographs, the unsuspecting women & children were sent into twenty-seven years of captivity & exile. The numbered list below coincides with the picture above. Honor & Respect for the ancestors. 
01) Zi-yeh (wife of Geronimo)
02) Fenton Geronimo (son of Zi-yeh and Geronimo)
03) Huera
04) Dohn-say (Daughter of Geronimo and wife of Mike Day-keya)
05) Nina Day-keya (Daughter of Dohn-say and Mike Day-keya)
06) Counteza (Possible Hulda Kinzhuna)
07) Ih-tedda (wife of Geronimo)
08) Four year old girl (Daughter of Geronimo and She-ga)
09) Unknown
10) Unknown
11) Unknown
12) Unknown
13) Unknown
14) Nah-zitz-ohn (wife of Mostos)
15) Jamie Holly (Ah-tay)(son of Mostos and Nah-zitz-ohn)
16) Hah-dun-key (wife of Perico)
17) Fredrick(?) Perico (Son of Perico and Han-dun-key)
18) Gozie (Ilth-gazie)(wife of Chihuahua)
19) Eugene Chihuahua
20) Tom Chihuahua
21) Tascenola
22) Nah-de-yole (wife of Naiche)
23) Paul Naiche (son of Naiche and Nah-de-yole)
24) Bah-nas-kli Naiche (son of Naiche and E-clah-heh)
25) Nah-zis-eh (Neschila)(wife of Jolsanny)
26) Adam Jolsanny
27) Tsalth-zay-nah-zizzy (neice of Neschila)