Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring all our veterans. May you find a peaceful place within to rest your mind from the lingering scars of war. Ashoge (Thank You) ((Background pic-Daniel Berari--Army Code Talkers--Left to Right--Corporal Jim Lane, John Rope, Kassey Y-32, Huachuca, AZ., 1942---Staff Sgt. Conrad Begaye, awarded the Silver Star-Afghanistan--Sgt. Amber Red Bear-Lakota Nation.)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Crow Chiefs at Mission Creek Agency, 1872. From Left; Poor Elk, Blackfoot, Long Ears, He Shows His Face(wearing a peace medal) & Old Onion. 
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mia Mendoza Albers.
Lucy Red Cloud, Oglala, 1899.
Left to right; Many Scalps, Charles Keokuk, Moses Keokuk, Dead Indian, Wah-Co-Ma - Sauk & Fox - 1867. — with Drayton Roberts.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If your near Chicago be sure to stop by the 60th annual Chicago Powwow, Sept. 13th--15th. This is one of the Midwest's Larger Powwows. If you've never been this is a great opportunity to educate yourself & family on Native customs & traditions. Hoka Hey!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Special Request/Tipi For Sale

Special request from a friend. A friend Corrine, just asked for our help in passing the word that she needs to sell a tipi she has ASAP, as she is moving. She lives by Des Moines Iowa. If you know of anyone that might be interested, please let her know. Below is her info:
I have this brand new tipi for sale with the poles, liner, door and canvas. I will take $1000 and whoever can make payments if necessary but they have to pick it up. Just for the liner canvas, it cost around $1800. Please email me at:
Thanks Everyone!

SOLD---Thanks everyone for you help.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Native American Cultural Day

Native American Cultural Day 
Wickiup Hill Learning Center 
Linn County Conservation Dept. 
Toddville Iowa 

( Please click on any of the pics for a larger view)          (Photo by Bob Uhl)                                  
 Linn County Conservation Commission & the Wickiup Learning Center held its 3rd annual Native American Cultural Day on Saturday August 24th at the Wickiup Learning Center, North of Cedar Rapids near Toddville, Iowa. Running an event & coordinating so things run smooth can sometimes be an arduous task, but director Gail Barels & a long list of volunteers & supporters did an excellent job at hosting the event.

                                                                                       (Photo by Bob Uhl)
The MC for this event was Jerome KillsSmall Lakota elder (pictured 2nd from left), NAMA Nominees Lakota Drum Group Cedar River Singers, Oglala Nation grass dancer Stew Huntley & traditional dancer elder Preston Duncan from the Meskwaki Nation. The purpose of the event was to educate everyone on Native American Cultures & Traditions. Cedar River Singers started off with the Traditional Flag Song & Veterans Song. 

                                                                                         (Photo by Bob Uhl)
The heartbeat of Mother Earth is found in the drumming of every native nation at gatherings or powwows. Many of these groups sing & drum for hours at a time & I have the utmost respect for their drive in keeping these events constantly in forward motion. Our families have done several powwows together in the Midwest with the Cedar River Singers & I have seen this family grow in many ways & respect what they have done & do for the Native communities. 
                                                                                      (Photo by Bob Uhl)
As the dancers were asked to introduce themselves, this native elder stood picturesque with his classic native features associated with the American indigenous population in his traditional regalia. “I am Preston Duncan from the Meskwaki Nation. Many of you know us as the Sac & Fox.” 
                                                                            (Photo by Bob Uhl)
Behind the Wickiup Learning Center lies the ground where his ancestors made their winter camp every year, long ago. Inside the center (pictured below), a replica stands of how these lodges were built for winter camp. 
                                                                                               (Photo by Bob Uhl)
 Native traditions & cultures are celebrated in many ways but the one most familiar to the public is the powwow. Every style of dance, grass dance, traditional (men & women’s) & jingle dress, all have meanings. Many of these dances have evolved over time in competition dances but the traditional meaning still exists. MC Jerome KillsSmall, Lakota elder, took spectators on a journey of traditions & culture while dancers, Stew Huntley, grass dancer, Oglala Nation & Preston Duncan, men’s traditional dancer performed their respective dances.
                                                                                           (Photo by Bob Uhl)
                                                                                       (Photo by Bob Uhl)
Another aspect of these gatherings is hand drum singing & competitions, which Zack (Cedar River Singers), is performing below. 
                                                                             (Photo by Bob Uhl)
Bring in Dad & brother & you end up with an awesome trio. Hoka! 
                                                                                    (Photo by Bob Uhl)

At the entrance of the Wickiup Learning Center I found this statement by Aldo Leopold, American author, scientist, ecologist, forester, and environmentalist. But this statement is nothing new to Native Traditions as my elders stated it this way in teaching us; Show me & I will remember, teach me & I will learn, involve me & I will understand. This statement included everything in our lives, a ‘how to’ about every aspect of this earth walk. Honor & respect everyone & everything, especially the environment that gives us life. Centers such as this one, are an abundant wealth of knowledge for the 7th generation to survive & what better way to bring this aspect into awareness then through a joint endeavor by
the conservation commissions & the original caretakers of the land, the indigenous population.      Bob Uhl